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APFC MMA Unleashed 2 Results 3-9-13

BreeaAPFC put on an amazing show last night, the crowd packed the Dupage Expo, to witness 17 amateur fights. The fans were treated with 5 title fights and I don't think I have ever seen more free t-shirts given away through the night. Free gifts and great fights, what more could you ask for?

Gilbert Grappling's Breea Gilbert captured the women's 145 pound title with a victory over Nicole Brown. Gilbert pressed for takedowns in the first couple rounds, but in the third she let her hands go. Gilbert let loose with a flurry of punches, many landing and hurting Brown. As Brown backpedaled to get away from the blows, she went down and Gilbert quickly moved in for the finish. Gilbert must have dropped over 30 punches and hammer fists, causing Brown to tap out to strikes. Breea Gilbert is the new APFC Featherweight Champion!


ShortyThe Combat-Do's Jose "Shorty" Torres was up next looking to defend his Bantamweight Title against Khuysen Kurbanov. Torres landed a head kick and used a takedown to seemingly be on his way to winning the first round, but Kurbanov landed a nice right uppercut, sending Torres to the canvas. Torres quickly made it back to his feet and Kurbanov looked to sink in the guillotine. Torres remained poised and escaped the submission attempt as the round ended. Torres landed a big over the shoulder slam early in the second. Torres showed patience moving from side control to mount Kurbanov. After landing a couple strikes, Kurbanov gave up his back and Torres worked in the rear naked choke. Torres defends his belt and in my opinion is the man to beat at 135.


Angelo RiveraThe vacant welterweight title was next with Stefan Ivanoff facing Angelo Rivera. Rivera overcame a tough first round with Ivanoff taking his back early in the fight. Ivanoff controlled the first working for a rear naked choke and utilizing some ground and pound. Rivera escaped the mount through the back door and ended up on top of Ivanoff. Rivera decided to let Ivanoff up and bring the fight back to their feet; however the bell sounded ending round 1. Rivera started with the jab in the second and then took Ivanoff to the ground. Rivera worked from half guard but was unable to do much damage or advance his position. Ivanoff grabbed a leg as he tried to get up and put Rivera's back against the cage. Rivera made his way to his feet and took the visibly tired Ivanoff to the mat. Rivera worked in the rear naked choke for a great comeback victory and is your new APFC Welterweight Champion. Combat-do's Mater Bob Schirmer had his fighters well prepared and has to be proud of the work put in tonight!


EmilisHackney's Emilis Jaskevicius looked to retain his Featherweight Championship against Nick Flemm. The takedown defense exhibited by both fighters was amazing in this bout. They both were able to land several shots but the battle was fought against the cage. After three rounds the fight went to the judges, who all saw the fight for Jaskevicius, (30-27, 29-28, 30-27). What a technical battle between two highly skilled competitors! Congratulations to Emilis Jaskevicius on retaining his title.



StarksThe main event was a great fight between Kyle Starks and Nick Cimmarusti for the vacant Middleweight Championship. This was a truly close fight with both competitors landing solid punches, take downs and submission attempts. There were many reversals which also made it more challenging to score. This was a highly entertaining fight! After three rounds the judges seemed torn with scores of 30-27, 27-30, and 29-28 in favor of Starks. Kyle Starks is the new APFC Middleweight Champion!!

This was a well organized show that featured some great fights and also showed a little about the future of MMA. I saw a lot of young talent that looked pretty good and I'm excited to see them grow as fighters! I can't wait until April, when we see what APFC has in store for us for the next card!

150 Max Perez def Sergio Lopez by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
155 Ray Bunker def Gerard Mills by tap out to strikes :40 Round 1
160 Josh Toton def Andy Mateiko by TKO 1:07 Round 1
135 Manny Vasquez def John King by TKO 1:00 Round 1
125 Carlos Hernandez def Josh Kooy by rear naked choke 1:28 Round 1
165 Aaron Robertson def Gregory Page via TKO 1:23 Round 1
140 Armando Calderon def John Massey by TKO 2:18 Round 1
HVY Dakota Stanton def John Higgins by unanimous decision
190 Steve Matthews def Dan Almario when Almario couldn't start the 2nd round (leg injury)
150 John Marino def Scott Brantner by tap to strikes 1:23 Round 1
145 Donny Simpson def Antonio Cummings by rear naked choke :35 Round 1
155 Mike DeLaVega def Gabrial Nava by tap to strikes 1:35 Round 1

145 Women's Championship      
Breea Gilbert def Nicole Brown via tap to strikes 1:00 Round 3

135 Championship
Jose Torres def Khuysen Kurbanov by rear naked choke 2:46 Round 2

170 Championship
Angelo Rivera Jr def Stefan Ivanoff by rear naked choke 1:51 Round 2

145 Championship
Emilis Jaskevicius def Nick Flemm via unanimous decision

185 Kyle Starks def Nick Cimmarusti via split decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28)


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